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The most recent meeting, GLiP-7 was organised by the energetic team of the Institute of English Studies, University of Wrocław.

Background Information

"Generative Linguistics in Poland" (GLiP) is a series of conferences on various aspects of generative linguistics, created and organised by Piotr Bański (University of Warsaw) and Adam Przepiórkowski.

GLiP meetings began as an attempt to bring together (i) Polish generative linguists, (ii) generative linguists working in Poland, as well as (iii) generative linguists working on Polish. These categories were given priority simply because it was (and still to some extent is) rather hard to talk about any sort of 'generative circles' in Poland, and we wanted to help change this situation. However, we never limited the scope of GLiP to papers or authors belonging to the three above categories.

GLiP‑1, a syntactic meeting, was held on 13–14 November 1999. GLiP‑2, devoted to syntax and morphology, took place on 9–10 December 2000. GLiP‑3, the first (morpho)phonological meeting, took place on 7–8 April 2001. Beata Łukaszewicz became another member of the team then. Together, we have also organised GLiP‑4, a workshop devoted to the acquisition of phonology and morphology. GLiP‑5, a morphosyntactic meeting, was held in late 2002. Monika Opalińska joined us in 2005 to help with publishing the proceedings of the two phonological meetings, and became a co-organizer of GLiP‑6, "Reactivation", in April '08. Joanna Zaleska has done a tremendous job of preparing GLiP-6 proceedings for print.

A new chapter is now being opened thanks to the University of Wrocław team who are co-organising the 7th meeting.

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